Montserrat Rull - FogonsSince 2010 our company has undertaken a more agile rhythm and has taken a new dimension. Finally, We have left the loft in the old house of Cal Fernando. There, Everything was becoming very narrow to us, It was difficult to us to serve the increasing demand of the customers.

We did this inversion, in the middle of the crisis, thanks to a Leader Programme of the European Union and the Government of Catalonia, which have subsidized part of it.

The changes that redefined our company since then there, were three: The ease of access for the materials, spaciousness for working and, most importantly, the assumption of the leadership by a young person, Joel, degree in Agricultural Engineering, and the youngest one in the family.

Montserrat Rull - CodonyatThis is an essential fact because for the future of the company. If there had not been this future perspective, Montserrat Rull, the mother and founder, almost without realizing it, the company would decrease untill close.
This commitment to the future, in the midst of the crisis, has awarded a growing acceptance of our products by customers. Consequently, we have been able to overcome, year after year, the turnover.

Montserrat Rull - MelmeladaMoreover, we are convinced of the quality of our products for the simple reason that we put our full attention throughout the process. This begins with the selection and purchase of fruit from local farmers, whenever possible. It follows the manual process of peeling and chopping, it should be noted that, even if only as a labor saving, at this stage we need to have the healthiest fruit possible to avoid wasting time on clean impurities or damage blows, etc.. After this, It comes the cooking of the jam. Always under our watchful eye, to achieve the perfect cooking point... Montserrat Rull - JoelIt should make a brief consultation on the palate. All that remains is more routinely: put the jam into jars, a bain marie, labeling and packaging, routing ... Still requires a lot of practice and a lot of attention and we are working on it with.

We care about our customers and we want to be also important to them.