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Here you will find, or rather that we wish you may find, everything you believe you need to know to use our products with full confidence that any food has to generate in the consumer before being consumed.
It should not be sufficient with the aesthetics more or less reached in the presentation; essential hygiene, with the flavors at their peak...
All this is necessary, but in addition, you need personal contact -although virtual- directly between the producer and the consumer. That is why we let you go to the smallest and hidden corner of our company and follow from the depths of our business beginning in 1994 all our route until get to the present times. I really believe that this can help strengthen that trust. But even if you think that you have to know each other better we invite you, through the forum pages participatory to ask us what and how of everything and to make us receptors of your experiences with our products..
Logo This interrelationship should be benefit to both parties:
To you to better exploit the qualities of our prepared
And for us in order to improve them according to your suggestions.


"Nothing tastes written" is a popular saying

Onion jam

This jam is what makes make faces at people

Raspberries and Blackberries jam

This jam is, currently the only that we make with the component of two different fruits, although a similar variety in terms of, vegetable species Rosaceae.

Pepper Jams

Other jams, peppers, both green and red,

Tomato jam

The tomato jam is although someone may hard to believe,