In starting

In starting

All began in 1994 in the picturesque village on the photography. Alforja in the Baix Camp.

We got along several years of crisis in our main crop – almost only in the municipal district- the hazelnut, the future prospects were very bad and we thought about to look for other alternative.

So, it occurred to us that it could expand the crop of the quince since it was a fruit tree that was present, in a very little scale, in all the fields of our village, and it withstanded any excess of the weather very well: cold, heat,drought...

Also, its fruit, the quince jelly, was very easy to produce – all the grannies make quince jelly at home- The reached price in the market was the most interesting.

Yes, there was a very attractive commercial margin!

So then, by means of the technical services of the union “ Unió de pagesos “, we made a project to install a workshop for artisanal preparation of quince jelly in the loft of the house.

In July of the 1995 we got all the administrative and health permissions and we began the edventure.

Our product liked and soon, in December, we extended our activity to produce artisan jams and nougats.

We have been growing slowly during these years. We have grown , because the order, that with only mouth-to-mouth, ( since we had never done any advertising ) it has been increasing. Until that...

(it follows to Nowadays.)